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‘O’ Level E/A Mathematics is the foundation while ‘A’ Level Mathematics is the pre-requisite to many sought after university courses such as Business, Accountancy, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical engineering, Pharmacy, Computing etc. 

At Pamela’s Place, I am committed to aid secondary, IP and JC students towards improving their problem solving skills, understand various mathematical concepts and equations, and providing the greatest exposure to different kinds of questions and answering strategies suitable for each topics. Ultimately, my aim is to help students score a place in their ideal courses they choose to take during their academic journey. 

For the past 8 years of teaching, 92.6% of my students have scored ‘A‘s and ‘B‘s with many who were initially ‘D‘s and fails!

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Intensive Small-Group Learning


My belief to acing the subject is through my two-step approach – Content Exposure and Strategy Application.

To combat complex mathematics problems, varieties of questions from each topic will be covered extensively, with the goal to provide as much exposure to different kinds of questions and the affiliated answering strategies to them. At Pamela’s Place, personalized revision notes with up-to-date GCE ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level syllabus will be provided to complement school materials. Especially for problematic chapters such as vectors and complex numbers in H2 Mathematics, these concise notes are simplified into easy-to-grasp sections with particular math strategies formulated to tackle problems. 

Understanding the fundamentals of the subject, students are then coached to utilize various strategies and develop problem-solving skills. Overtime, many of my students come to better appreciate and apply these formulas learned to inter-topics. For the past 8 years of teaching both secondary & JC Math, 92.6% of my students have scored ‘A‘s and ‘B‘s, with many who were initially ‘D‘s and fails!

Lessons conducted are structured to cater to each students’ learning style/ability. From my exclusive 1-1 tutoring to intensive group classes that are small for optimal learning, students are free to choose either preference for effective tutelage both in secondary and JC Math tuition. Regardless, I always believe studying and learning happens even out of the classroom. Nevertheless, students are highly encouraged to develop the initiative to explore concepts and cultivate critical thinking skills. As such, I believe it is my mission to continually create a conducive environment where students can clarify any doubts, contribute ideas and develop an unhindered learning attitude.

Other Subjects Offered


‘O’ Level Pure Biology, ‘A’ Level H2 Biology

At Pamela’s Place, 95.2% of my students scored As at the 2019 GCE ‘A’ Level examinations…


‘O’ Level Pure Chemistry, ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry

At Pamela’s Place, 98.2% of my students scored ‘A’s and ‘B’s, many of whom jumped 3 grades and more

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“I really appreciate the way she would answer queries so promptly every time and wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the answers, even on the internet. Her notes were also really super good and succinct but also encompasses all the content needed for exams.”
– Tanya

“My experience with Ms Pamela was a very pleasant one. She may appear very tough and strict on the outside but she’s very caring on the inside. Her lessons are of GOOD quality and she made me learn to love chemistry a little more.”
– Jaelyn

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