Glad to have you here! I’m a Chemistry, Biology & Maths Specialist providing tuition for IP, ‘A’ & ‘O’ level mastery. Get your child to benefit from my years of experience. Distinction starts with me!

Time is not an asset to be wasted. Learning is a journey.

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We all have our strengths. I’ve perfected mine so you can focus on yours. Science & Maths are not difficult once you imbibe my answering techniques.


After years of coaching, I have compiled my own personalized distinction scoring notes for ‘A’ levels & ‘O’ levels that is easy to understand and concise for study.


This is my passion and my labour. My students are my results and why I am confident in what I do. Be part of excellence and my success stories.


It’s easy to do great things when you believe in what you do. That’s why I’m committed to helping more people like you, every day.

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Chemistry (‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels)

Biology (‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels)

Mathematics (‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels)


Miss Pamela is constantly testing me on concepts and cross topics during lessons because it helps me to constantly memorize topics consistently throughout the year, so that I can be more fluent with the terms and standard answers  instead of having to learn last minute before exams. 

Shannon Ng, IP Chemistry / E8 to A1

The tutor was really effective in her teaching as she kept drilling the key content going through questions in class, and was able to explain the concepts in many ways. She was also responsive on text and quick to give detailed explanations, a testament to her dedication.

Violet Liaw, H2 Chemistry / U to A

The notes and learning material was quite useful in revision. Lessons were held in a conducive environment and were interactive.

Dylan Hay, ‘O’ Pure Biology / C6 to A2

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“I really appreciate the way she would answer queries so promptly every time and wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the answers, even on the internet. Her notes were also really super good and succinct but also encompasses all the content needed for exams.”
– Tanya

“My experience with Ms Pamela was a very pleasant one. She may appear very tough and strict on the outside but she’s very caring on the inside. Her lessons are of GOOD quality and she made me learn to love chemistry a little more.”
– Jaelyn

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